SeekandFind Circle – Mini Workshop on changing topics

I regularly offer the SeekandFind Circle, which is a small Mini Workshop (3 hours) on a certain topic.

The SeekandFind Circle is not a boring and dry input event, but an open round of:

  • Exchange of experiences
  • Understanding and deepening of topics
  • Getting to know yourself & others
  • Finding inspiration & impulses
  • Try things again from scratch
  • Connecting head, heart and gut

In the SeekandFind Circles I combine different methods, which I use in my coaching sessions and team workshops. This initiates a little journey to oneself and the way one deals with the topic of the evening.


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Costs:  35 ,-EUR  (inkl. VAT)


I’m excited to meet you!

If you want to participate, please register here:

Phone: 030-82079743

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Photocredit (top to bottom): Michael Fruehmann, Ant Rozetsky, Jason Rosewell, Meddy Huduti –

SeekandFind Circle – Mini Workshop on changing topics