My Vision

Powerful, conscious, self-confident people in private and profession.

In a world which current focus is performance, growth and speed, I would like to contribute to re-align our focus rather on people, healthy development and the essentials than only on achievements.

We don’t have to look around us for long to realize that the pure focus on achieving goals & growth is not healthy. Burn-Out, stress symptoms, irritability, discontent, fears and anxiety paired with a constantly rattling head – these are all symptoms engrained in our society now. I don’t want to be a coach that helps you “stick a band-aid” on these symptoms.

As a coach, my goal is to change how we look on the outside by constantly chasing a new opportunity to improve and measure ourselves only by the next level to be reached, the next position or the next goal to be achieved. By doing this, we keep holding on to the notion that we need to achieve something to become more recognition and attention.

But the first goal is followed the next one, and one goal follows the other – this is how optimization loops are created. Permanent optimization can cause pressure and cost power because we always work towards something, and we are rarely satisfied with the current situation and ourselves in this moment. This may lead us to constantly feeling unfinished and not enough.

I hope that development and growth does no longer need to feel like continuous optimization, but that we all can grow at our own pace with a clear focus on ourselves – to make sure we get loads of energy and joy out of it.

I accompany people in private or personal setting, with looking on the inside rather than the outside, what resources they have and what is currently essential. I encourage my clients and customers to trust themselves in looking for answers within themselves instead of looking to their environment and doing what appears to be required or what others do. Because what is good, effective, meaningful and healthy for you is different for every person, every team and every company and can never be determined by the outside world.

The main purpose is to establish a solid connection to oneself, one’s own needs, limitations and sources of strength – as an individual or in a team. This creates a foundation for healthy development and growth.


“In my opinion, the life of a healthy adult includes taking responsibility and dealing with oneself day after day, as well as with the planet and the rest of its inhabitants. It would be a general change of attitude if we all decided to let go of the more or less instilled relationship of the world, which is based on competition and malice “.

(Jorge Bucay)



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