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Powerful, conscious, self-confident people in private and profession.

In a world that is currently very focused on performance, growth and fast pace, SeekandFind wants to contribute putting the human being in the focus, not only results and goals. We want to encourage that we focus more on ourselves, our healthy development and the essence of the current situation, in order to follow a conscious and meaningful path.

We do not have to look around for a long time to realize that the way we live and work is mostly not in line with our nature. Dr. Gabor Maté speaks of „Illness being the current normal” in our society (book: “The Myth of Normal”, 2022) Burn-out, stress symptoms, irritability, dissatisfaction, anxiety and an inner restlessness coupled with a constantly rattling head – these are all symptoms that are now part of our society. As coaches, we don’t want to help put a band-aid on the symptoms.

With our work we want to connect, change perspectives, find causes and set impulses. In this way, we learn to look beyond the horizon and the next goal achievement.

We accompany people in private or professional change to look less at the outside, more at the inside, what resources they have and what is essential right now. We encourage clients and customers to dare to ask themselves instead of looking for answers in their environment and doing what seems to be prescribed or what others are doing. Because what is good, effective, meaningful and healthy for you is different for every person, every team and every company and can never be completely prescribed from the outside. It is about building a stable connection to oneself, one’s own needs, boundaries and sources of strength – as an individual or in a team. This is how you create a foundation for healthy development and growth.

Our working world and our communities need this change towards being more human: more sensing, more encounter, open communication, sharing of needs and emotions, compassion and self-responsibility. And in times of climate change, our earth needs conscious people who are not only looking for growth and their own profit, but think more holistically, see the context, take responsibility and stand by the consequences of their actions.

“In my opinion, the life of a healthy adult includes taking responsibility and dealing with oneself day after day, as well as with the planet and the rest of its inhabitants. It would be a general change of attitude if we all decided to let go of the more or less instilled relationship of the world, which is based on competition and malice “.

(Jorge Bucay)


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