My Approach: Self-Development

I call my approach SELF-Development, because in my opinion all development processes are about recognizing the “self” or “core”. This means taking focus time for yourself as a person, team or company to reach clarity about the own essential characteristics. This new clarity can be used to secure and form a unique foundation, see and sense the own presence holistically and initiate change effectively.

What is the essence or the “Self”?

For me, it is the whole Gestalt of every organization and human being – their values, boosters, needs, fears, uncertainties, limits, violations, actions and dynamics… Everything that defines you holistically as a person, as a team or as a company. This is always a network or system of many phenomena, approaches, communication paths and characteristics which are interrelated. This “Self” is always based on development and stabilization at the same time – on the one hand it is growned on its very own fundament and stability  and on the other hand it is morphed by constant movement and change.

Which elements and methods are combined in a Self-Development process? // How do I work?
  • Willingness to change – No development without readiness. The first point for effective processes is the willingness to act. This may be a challenge for teams and companies, especially ensuring everyone is ready for something new. A good question for the start: “Do I really want to go on with this change?”
  • Trust – “Trust the process”: You should trust the process and the concept, which is developed in co-creation by me as coach and you as customer/client.
  • Openness & Transparency – It is your development process, the effectiveness thrives on transparency. It requires open conversations, encounters at eye level, authenticity and honesty. This might be unusual for teams and can lead to resistance. But resistance is important for effective development, when given space and harnessed effectively for change.
  • Effective Interventions – In facilitation of trainings and longer development processes I mostly work with the approach of Theory U by C. Otto Scharmer as framework. In detail my coaching and consulting approach consist of following methods, but may vary depending on the specific need of the project or coaching:

Systemic Theory & Method – I use many tools from the systemic Organizational Consulting & Coaching, which illuminate your formal and implicit “system” and the interdependence of the individual players & elements.

Psychological-analytical methodology – We discover your individual dynamics, motives and patterns in this process and insert these into your overall context for better understanding. (approach & procedure from the Morphological Psychology by Wilhelm Salber)

Reflection & Mirroring – Centrically, its about getting used to professional reflection and attentive conversation, which we further develop together in different settings. I use the method of mirroring to give you a better sense of self-perception and perception of others, thus broadening your viewpoints.

Strategic tools and vision work – To focus on your orientation and get a clear picture on your future, we include the clarification of your mission, vision or purpose for example and combine these with a clear strategic orientation.

Connecting Elements – In our work, we don’t only use our head, but our heart and gut. By doing so, you train the connection to yourself, learn to listen to your intuition and create long-term results. To reach these long-term results, for some requests I use the approaches of Mindfulness practice, as well as Constellation and Body work.

  • Pragmatism & Flexibility – Development processes do not function linearly, but remain in motion. I make sure to use pragmatic working methods, which are suitable and effective for you and your concerns. This also means that we remain flexible during the process and change focus or direction, if this is necessary for you and an effective result.
  • Sustainability – Effective change means staying on top. A development process is a process that should be re-adjusted and accompanied by deliberate reflection during implementation. Together we ensure that you can preserve your new insights sustainably.
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