In times of digitalization you need a suitable internal culture and a new mindset?

Due to internal changes do you need a cultural change?

You want to consciously build up a corporate culture, establish a new leadership culture or team culture?



Company Culture – some beliefs:
  • Culture only has to do with soft skills.
  • Culture is secondary.
  • Culture comes into being by itself.
  • Culture does not need so much attention.
  • Culture means creating a nice atmosphere in the office.


Corporate culture is the foundation and a success factor for companies.


Culture is the HOW in companies.

  • HOW do we do what we do?
  • HOW do we deal with each other?
  • HOW do we manage and lead?
  • HOW do we communicate?
  • HOW do we work?
  • HOW do we solve conflicts?
  • HOW are we structured?
  • HOW do we decide?



Why is culture an important success factor for companies?

 Digitalization & New Work

Digital transformation is a trend throughout all levels of a company. If you’re not digital yet, you probably will be soon. In addition to the digitalization of business processes, new digital and humane ways of working are emerging under the banner of “New Work”, which rethink work and change jobs.

In all transformation processes, culture is an important factor for sustainable implementation. Because a digital mindset and the new attitude to work associated with it influences corporate culture and should be consciously built up or developed.

Agility & Self-Organization

In the course of the New Work movement, new processes and working methods are moving into companies, e.g. agile methods or self-organization as a model of a new organizational structure. Teams, areas and whole companies are set up differently. Maybe you are just switching to agility?

The introduction of agility and self-organization is also a cultural change, i.e. it is not enough simply to change the processes. This also requires understanding, a suitable attitude, a certain trust, stability in one’s own (new) role as well as a new leadership behaviour.

Change & Leadership Culture

No matter what kind of change or restructuring you are currently undergoing, leadership is essential for effective cultural change and change processes. Whoever wishes to have a new attitude, different behaviours and ways of acting in his company is well advised to start with the topic of leadership and from there to exemplify over a conscious leadership culture the new and carry it into the entire organisation.

Employer Branding 

Today, a corporate culture that is equally adapted to market conditions and human needs is more important than ever. According to studies, since Generation Y entered the world of work, corporate culture has become a key factor in career choices.

In order to prevent a shortage of skilled workers, it is therefore necessary to consciously deal with and build up a corporate culture.

Culture is the core, the identity or DNA of the company, it makes clear how the company functions as a whole, what it values and which values it embodies internally and externally. This DNA, if lived consciously, has a radiance that attracts the right people and is therefore the most effective employer branding concept.

Value-based Corporate Culture

Defining values is currently a must for every company. But these values want to be lived and not printed on glossy paper! If the values are correctly integrated into the corporate culture, the way you treat yourself, your colleagues and your customers will change. A value can be mindfulness, for example. If mindfulness is a value for you as a company and you want to live it holistically across all levels, a cultural change makes sense that brings mindfulness sustainably into mind, heart and behavior of all employees. A good enablement and rolemodeling is always via the managers, in this case: Mindful Leadership.


Culture as DNA of the company.

Basically, it is quite simple: Either you decide to consider culture as secondary and simply let it develop on its own and accept the “collateral damage”, or you decide to consciously perceive culture, create it yourself and consciously give it room for development.


Culture is not a surface phenomenon, it is our very care (Edgar Schein)


How do you change or develop corporate culture?

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