Supervision in three steps
Take a step aside, look at the situation from an overall perspective and find a solution.
  1. Step: Analyze We take a closer look at your problems, let all participants have their say and describe the current situation. We focus more on the impact of you teams problem, rather than on the problem itself.
  2. Step: Finding Solutions In this step, solutions are found, because the problem is what hinders you, and we want to achieve clarification, movement and development.
  3. Step: Commitment Once you have found the solution, it is important to make arrangements which ensure that you do not fall back into old patterns or reopen conflicts.


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For whom do I offer Supervision?

For you and your team

  • A conflict has been stirring your team for quite some time?
  • You can’t get anywhere with your project? Something is blocking you?
  • There was an incident in your team which continues to follow you and does not resolve on its own?
  • A conflict between two people has been straining your team dynamics for a long time and you want to actively tackle this situation?
  • The relationship between team and leader could be better and you want to reflect together what is going on?
  • For some time now, there has been a lack in overall motivation and drive in the team?
  • Expectations and goals are brought to your team, which are very difficult to achieve and this burdens you?

In Supervision, you get to the bottom of your problem and conflict as well as the blockade – together with me as a coach, you reflect openly and honestly on your current situation and together we develop a new path and agree on a supportive attitude.

For consultants & coaches 

I offer  Supervision for colleagues – because there is nothing more important for a coach or organizational developer than to exchange information about their own projects and clients, learn from each other and refresh the own perspective.

This is how we maintain our own professionalism and develop. The collegial perspectives create added value for us and our customers. They support us and our project approach, in taking care of ourselves.

Please just contact me, when you are interested.



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