Leadership Sparring

You don’t need a Coaching process, but are looking for fresh perspectives and impulses from outside?

Then a Leadership Sparring could be the right thing for you.

What is Leadership Sparring?

Leadership Sparring is usually a telephone call or personal meeting lasting 1-2 hours. You can contact me as an expert for leadership with a specific concern or question and get an external, neutral perspective on these concerns. Sometimes it is helpful to discuss things with people who have no relationship with you or have their own interests. My only interest is to support you.

I do not act as a coach in this format, but rather as your sparring partner and as an expert. You get a reflection of my perception, my external view of your situation and ideas and impulses for further action.


Are you interested in Leadership Coaching or Sparring?

Feel free to contact me directly for a first contact.

Mail: contact@seekandfind.me  oder Contact Form.

Telefon: 01625468321


The needs for leadership sparring can be very different, that’s why I develop the right sparring package together with you.


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