Are you facing a change in your professional or private life that you would like to prepare yourself for?

Are you looking for answers, new perspectives, a next challenge and vision or a better connection to yourself and your balance?

What can coaching give me?

Through the process of coaching, you gain insights that help you understand why you act, react and feel a certain way and how you can better understand, control and change your actions, reactions and feelings.

What are possible concerns for coaching?
  • For some time now, you have been wondering where you want to go, what you are good at, who you are and who you want to be? Finally you want to find answers and focus to strengthen yourself on your path?
  • In private or professional settings, you frequently reach a similar points, e. g. stressful situations, conflicts, moods, imbalance, dissatisfaction, insecurity, fears, … – and you want to understand why?
  • You keep bickering with people around you and get triggered easily? You want to understand where your triggers come from to find a new way of dealing with it?!
  • Do you regularly go beyond your limits, be it in a private or professional context, do you feel increasingly exhausted and dissatisfied with yourself and your current situation, and do you want clarity about your balance and support, in order to take better care of yourself?



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My Coaching approach: Finding solutions your own way
  • We take a calm and focused look at what concerns, disturbs and impairs you in your current development and systematically go through a reflection process together. Through this process, we immerse ourselves in the situations you want to change and find possible solutions by describing, understanding, reflecting and changing perspectives.
  • Your solution is your solution – this means that I don’t present you with advice for possible solutions, but I am your (process) companion and support you through questions and exercises, by broadening your field of vision, ideas, perspectives and providing inspiration to recognize your own approach to a solution.
  • What questions do I ask? My questions always aim to help you understand yourself and your situation better. For example, a question could be: “What was it like exactly? How did that make you feel? What went through your mind?” But I also like to offer different perspectives: “Imagine you are already standing where you want to go, how is it? What do you see around you? How do you see yourself? How are you feeling? Who’s with you?”
  • This means that if you decide to do a coaching with me, it is like a journey to yourself – you will find new, exciting insights about yourself and your future path.


A few additional key figures:
  • A coaching process lasts between 1-12 sessions, depending on the requests/concerns.
  • A coaching can take between 1-3 hours.
  • The coaching sessions can take place weekly, every 2-3 weeks or in block sessions.
  • I mainly coach personally, but sometimes Skype and telephone coaching can also be useful.

We will decide about frequency and setting after getting to know each other and build your personal coaching process together.


Feel free to contact me directly for a free first meeting (45 min)

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Mail: or use the Contact form.


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