Business Coaching

Why Business Coaching?

Business Coaching at SeekandFind is a coaching process,

… in which you can look at a professional concern from all sides.

… in which you get to know new ideas and approaches through reflection and a change of perspective.

… in which you learn to take position and to stand by your attitude.

… in which you develop impulses and ideas for a new solution.

… in which you consciously grow into your new role.

… in which you will find orientation and strength in times of crisis.

… in which you learn to face change with trust and anticipation.

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When should you consider business coaching?

Business coaching always makes sense when you feel like something hinders you in your professional life.

Maybe you have reached a dead end and are looking for orientation in planning your next step, or you just started a new job and are not sure how to fill it?

If you have been in a working environment for some time now, in which you feel uncomfortable and want to find out how you can change this situation – a business coaching with fresh perspectives and new solutions can help you.

To name just a few examples.

 You’re a manager? If you are explicitly concerned with leadership because you have a leadership position in your company or are supposed to take one – leadership coaching should be considered. In this format, we focus on your leadership personality and your everyday life as a leader.
How do I accompany you as a business coach?

With my experience as an organizational consultant, business psychologist, founder and executive coach, I can support you with a broad knowledge of perspectives, both psychological and entrepreneurial.

Throughout my professional career, I have gained numerous insights into companies of different industries and sizes and thus have gained an experts perspective on the dynamics of teams and corporate cultures. This is how I ensure that we always look at your perspective in the context of your professional situation and your current corporate culture.

In combination with my coaching expertise and psychological education, I supplement the classical business perspective with a holistic view – because business topics can never be separated from private topics – in a process, we decide what to focus on, in order to solve the knot.

My approach is a combination of solution orientation, systemics, psychology, empathy and conscious irritation – I am not a coach who talks to you, gives you advice or bores you with input. My coaching sessions provide a space for real encounters without censorship, here we will explore your concerns together and reflect openly and honestly in order to develop effective results. I am convinced that without courage there can be no long-term change.


You want to approach your personal development process?

Feel free to contact me directly for a free first meeting (30-45 min)

Phone: 01625468321

Mail: or the Contact Form


More about the framework and conditions of a business coaching:
  • One coaching session can last between 1-3 hours.
  • A coaching process lasts between 3-12 sessions. Depending on your requests/concerns I will tailor you a package (including a package discount).
  • The coaching sessions can take place weekly, every 2-3 weeks or in blocks.
  • I mainly coach personally, but sometimes virtual and telephone coaching can also be useful or suit your individual situation best.
  • I also offer special discounts for NGOs, small businesses or founders and entrepreneurs, don’t hesitate asking.

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