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Leadership Team Development

For a cohesive leadership team and professional leadership.

Your starting position:

You want to establish an effective management culture?

You want to define your leading concept and your vision together?

You want to discuss less, make more decisions and strengthen and support each other?

You want to build a culture of trust within the team, in order to be able to live it throughout the whole company?

You have planned a change in the company and want to equip and align yourself as a management team?


6 sample questions I ask you as a Leadership Coach:
  1. How is working together in the management team? Do you feel that you support each other, or is it rather exhausting to plan, communicate and manage together?
  2. Are your roles, responsibilities and positions clearly defined and do you fill them with satisfaction?
  3. Are you honest with each other, can you openly express your opinions and resolve conflicts constructively?
  4. Does your team live transparency and are your topics visible for everyone, in order to create an open corporate culture?
  5. Do you know each other well enough that you recognize your mutual needs, demands, stress levels and limitations?
  6. Do you have a lot of discussions, get caught up in decision loops and have difficulties making effective decisions?

 Just contact me here for an initial offer for your Leadership Team Development

Phone: 030-82079743

Mail: contact@seekandfind.me  or Contact form.


What does Leadership Team Development look like?

Leadership Team Development usually comprises several workshop dates with the management team – how many appointments it takes depends on your concern and the set goal of working with me as a Leadership Coach.

The entire Leadership Team Development can take place within a few weeks or months, depending on the content and priority.


➤ Example project:

A management team with eight managers, five of them have been part of the company for a long time, and three relatively new members of the company. They would like to align themselves as a management team, get to know each other better and define leadership for themselves. In addition, the existing strategy should be reviewed and a common vision developed. Furthermore, there is a lack of good communication throughout the company. The management team would like to plan how communication can be improved.

We work on three dates:

1st Appointment with the Management Team

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Content: Leadership culture: common understanding of management, orientation & development

The idea of a workshop with all teams concerned with the topics culture and communication arises from appointment 1.

2nd Appointment with the whole Team

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Content: Culture & Communication: Development of a new team culture with effective communication channels and a common attitude. Going first steps towards cultural change together and planning how to secure the new findings.

3rd Appointment with the Management Team, duration 3 hours

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Content: Follow-up of the workshops, reflection & readjustment, ensuring that objectives are achieved


My job as a Leadership Coach:

As Leadership Coach, I prepare the daily program with the individual sessions and exercises and guide you through the workshop. I act not only as a workshop facilitator, but also as an organizational consultant and coach.

I intensify your joint reflection through questions, contribute my external perspective and challenge you to seek new insights and perspectives. This process provides tools, which you can apply directly in your daily business and thus effectively change your culture and achieve your goals.

During the workshop, I pay special attention to your team dynamics and needs. If I get the impression that something else is needed at that moment, I will change the program very flexibly in consultation with you, e.g. if a team conflict arises, a conflict resolution is needed before effective communication channels can be developed.

Together with you, I will loosen your knots, bring a flow back into your development and pave the way for your future.


For further reading:

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Photocredit: Kaleb Nimz – unsplash.com