Culture Change

When is a Culture Change recommendable?

– You are in the process of digital transformation and need not only digital processes, but also a new mindset in your company.

– A lot has changed as a result of restructuring and innovations, the culture should be adapted to that and developed accordingly.

– How leadership is lived in your company so far does not (any longer) fit to your company values, therefore you wish for a new leadership culture.

– You want to continue to grow as a company and actively position yourself with regard to employer branding in order to attract suitable employees.

– You increasingly perceive tensions and conflicts in teams and would like to understand those behavioral patterns better and improve your common ways of working together.

– You don’t get the customer feedback and the assignments you require, so you want to achieve a more effective public image to change that.

– You are constantly growing as small company and want to consciously shape and drive your company culture.

– You are faced with restructuring and change within the company and want to prepare for it and develop a common attitude towards change.

– You are merging with another company and want to merge the two cultures actively and consciously.



What makes a conscious Corporate Culture possible?
  • Sensible decisions
  • Effective processes
  • Healthy performance
  • Powerful actions
  • Resilience & Balance
  • Good results
  • Satisfied employees & customers
  • Suitable leadership


How can Culture Change work effectively?

The procedure step by step



Culture Change = Organizational Development.

When we develop the culture, we develop the whole organization and vice versa.

  • How do we want to work together as a team?
  • What do we value in working together?
  • What values does our company and we stand for internally?
  • How do we design our processes?
  • How do we want our leadership culture and what does leadership mean to us?
  • What strategy do we pursue?
  • What purpose and corporate purpose do we live by?
  • What do we stand for as a company?
  • Where do we want to develop?
  • What kind of people suit us?
  • What skills and competencies do we need in a team?


How do I ensure successful, sustainable cultural development?

At its core is the assumption of responsibility, because only when

  1. it is clear why this cultural project is being carried out, and
  2. if there are responsible persons in the company who exemplify this change and implement it sustainably, the new culture can become and remain different in the long term.

The active assumption of responsibility by leadership plays an important role here, since the most effective way for change is by role modeling the the new ways of acting directly.


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